Looking for the “Missing Link
to FINALLY Reach Your
Goals and Dreams?


By Dr. Philip Humbert

What if you could get the EXPERT coaching you need, all the support, all the tips, tools and open-door invitations you need—along with a buddy-system of partners—and have this team of experts available to you every week!?

Aren't you tired of hearing all the
great success
stories about OTHER people—but not about you?

You know, the stories that range from Lance Armstrong winning his record 7th Tour de France to Oprah’s rise from poverty to fame–-and what about the closer-to-home stories like . . . .

·        Your buddy John, whose big goal is coming true as his consulting company explodes into a million-dollar business… 

·        Martha, your neighbor who made her dream come true—winning awards, fame and fortune as an entrepreneur, writer or teacher of the year 

·        Or even your cousin Joe who has it all—happy family, 5-acres in the country, fulfilling career and exciting trips around the world

Sure, these stories are inspiring.
But what about YOU?  Why not YOU?

You’ve worked hard. You know you have what it takes. You have that burning desire. You’ve given it your all.  You’ve paid your dues, learned the skills, done the work and you DESERVE it!

So, why do you keep finding yourself not quite
“making it” -- left behind in the dust? 

. . . . . . . . .

Well, here’s the “Secret Missing Link”
you've been searching for.
The New MasterMind™
Your Key to the People and Support You Need to Achieve Your Dreams!

"This little book will teach you everything you need to know to form your own MasterMind and get the most from your meetings. It's a powerful and wise book that reveals the "secret weapon" high achievers use to produce outstanding results - I can't recommend it highly enough!"

—Rodger Constandse,
 CEO of Effexis Software

. . . . . . . . .

The truth is, no successful person makes it alone. The “Missing Link” to success is teaming up with the people and the incredible resources of a MasterMind Group.

After interviewing Carnegie, Ford, Edison and hundreds of the most successful people of his time, Napoleon Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, reported that they all shared a common denominator—the support and power of other people in a “MasterMind” group.

Think about it. Even Michael Jordan with his world-class talent, drive and ability, had a coach, a trainer AND a team.

Lance Armstrong had a support team and fans cheering him on, and so do your friends and colleagues who are fulfilling their life dreams and most important goals, and doing it RIGHT NOW!. They have the power of a mastermind team to propel them on their way.

So, if you’re not quite reaching your goals by yourself, it’s no wonder. As the poet said, “No man (or woman!) is an island.” Or, as the Beatles put it, we “need a little help from our friends”— ALL successful people do. 


You need the missing link of your own MasterMind group to finally get yourself going, stay on target and start crossing those finish lines as the WINNER you already are!

Here are just a few ways the power of a
MasterMind group helps people reach success:


Get clarity and direction toward your real dreams and goals


Have accountability to end procrastination and stay focused


Capitalize on the vast experience and expertise of others


Extend your network through the people your MasterMind members know and trust


Expand your enthusiasm, energy and passion as you never thought possible


Multiply brain power, creative problem solving and group synergy

Don’t waste any more time—not one more day of frustration. You can form your own people-powered group today with this in-depth eBook—YES, you can start before dinner tonight, if you take ACTION right now.

The New MasterMind™
Your Key to the People and Support You Need to Achieve Your Dreams!

Ask any of the ‘greats’ what their secret is, they will tell you that a mastermind group is high on the list. Dr Humbert’s brilliant guide helps you understand the dynamics of a mastermind group, how to choose power partners, and how to get the most out of the group. Whatever your goal, a mastermind will always get you there faster than a go-it-alone strategy. This is a tremendous resource!”

—Kristie Tamsevicius
marketing consultant




It’s simple, yet comprehensive. This guide takes what could be a complicated ordeal and with the aid of real-life experience makes “masterminding” into a simple formula including:

  • an overview
  • different types of teams
  • selection
  • agendas
  • secrets to success
  • and the essential how-to’s

It’s a Time and Pitfall Saver - You don’t have to spend hours researching the Internet. And it saves you from falling into some of the frustrating pitfalls. This guide helps you to create a successful mastermind group right from the start---and have fun along the way.

It’s a Proven Winner
- The New MasterMind has been compiled from real-life experience and successful results by Dr. Philip Humbert—a nationally acclaimed and successful business and personal coach, speaker and writer. It gives you a proven, winning formula for creating your own mastermind group.  And of course, you want the formula for what works NOW.

After spending hours trying to find and compile all the how-to's of forming a successful mastermind group, this is a real bargain. It’s all right here at my fingertips and I know it works.”

—Dee Anne Merriman
marketing consultant

So, why not you?  Don't you deserve your own MasterMind team?
Now, for only a few dollars (less than the cost of dinner!),
you can have the secret missing link
you’ve needed all along.

Here's the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1:  Read This First: A Quick Overview and “How-To”

  • Select Your Team
  • Select the Time and Place
  • Set the Agenda
  • Conduct the Meeting
  • Follow-up
  • Go to Work!

Chapter 2:  The Power and Purpose of Your MasterMind Alliance

  • The Two Types of MasterMind Groups
  • The Purpose of Your MasterMind Alliance

Chapter 3:  Selecting the Members of Your MasterMind

  • Who to Choose for Your MasterMind
  • Who NOT to Choose
  • Categories from Which to Select members
  • Let’s Get Started!

Chapter 4:  When, Where And How Often to Meet

  • When to Meet
  • Where to Meet
  • How Long (And How Often) to Meet

Chapter 5:  Getting the Most From Each Session

  • The First Meeting of Your New MasterMind
  • A Suggested Outline for Your Regular Meetings

Chapter 6:  When Things Don't Work Out

  • Organic Transitions
  • Problem People

Chapter 7:  Additional Resources

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The New MasterMind™
Your Key to the People and Support You Need to Achieve Your Dreams! 




Buy this book. Read it, use it, share it with members of YOUR TEAM ---If at any time in the coming twelve months you don't feel it's worth much more than you paid, for ANY REASON, just let me know. I'll immediately send a FULL REFUND. No questions, no hassle, no delay. That's my promise to you.
               -- Phil Humbert
         President & CEO,
                                 The Philip E. Humbert Group, Inc.

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You can access the same principles employed by large corporations and the super rich—The MasterMind Principle PLUS
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How can you lose? You help your team. They help you.
Together, you all win. Only $22.88 gets you on the road to the support, resources and success you deserve.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

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Yes, I want the link I've been missing. I want to begin positioning
myself to consistently achieve my goals.

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